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We are driven by excellence and quality in every aspect of our work. We are committed to quality and good service. In this way, at SAEG, we put our customers at the center of all our efforts, providing exceptional service. We encourage teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect for both our collaborators and external agents who, in one way or another, contribute significantly by creating an environment and development full of opportunities.

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Our Mission

To become a change agent who enables transformation of the society by developing channels of conversion in organizations by allowing people to have better access to services, mainly in places where the access to service is limited, not efficient or poor in quality. We aim to allow better access for people, by enabling the active participation and information for their success, for which traditional organizations are unable to present realistic and economic solutions.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice reducing access barriers to obtain quality services.  We aim to service our partners with economical alternatives for their needs and support their role in their communities.

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