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Health Care Administrators, Informatics and Finance Professionals with international business experience in complex multinational organizations. Achievements include maximization of efficiencies through budgeting, project management and control practices.  

Our focus is in the success and continuity of your organization



Our team approach and extended network of professionals, including Doctors, Health Administrators, IT, Tax, and Finance Professionals, and Accountants, can help you expand and better manage your practice.

We are IRS registered, QuickBooks certified and we will partner with you to make your business a success.

Contact us and you will focus on your practice and will excel in patient satisfaction.

Some of Our Clients Engage Us For:


- Informatics and Business Intelligence

- Payment Solutions for Financial Institutions & Corporations

- International Banking

- Telemedicine

- Health Data Management

- KPI's and Health Informatics

- Bookkeeping

- Corporate Tax Preparation

- Sales Tax

- Business Incorporation

- Logistics Consulting

- Market Development


"I know Juan M. Garcia 25 years ago.  I certify his job and personal quality and morals". 

Rafael Ramon Bolivar

"SAEG Business Consultants finds solutions for my business, their work is honest, it is hard to  find people with ethics nowadays ". 

Maria Pinto, MMVT Company, LLC