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We develop targeted solutions for your business.  We specialize on providing FINTECH solutions for today's challenges in SUPPLY and DISTRIBUTION CHAINS.

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The information about origin and the  processes applied over each food is an increasing demand from consumers around the world, this system is applicable to all consumer goods without distinction.


 At SAEG, we have tools, knowledge and experience to apply Traceability and Tracking systems by applying RFID and Blockchain technology, over different production systems.


  • Traceability Process of sequencing the different stages and processes applied to a food from its origin to its final destination while recording this information.

  • Tracking, provides the possibility of auditing all processes and procedures applied to food items from, or to any stage between the origin and its final destination.


               RFID- At SAEG we develop, manage and execute Individual Animal Traceability Systems by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) under the ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) standards using  LF and UHF technologies (Low and Hi Frequency). Our motto is “From Birth to Plate”. We provide ICAR approved electronics devices such as, ear tags, glass tags, LF and UHF readers for cattle, sheep, pigs, pets, etc.


               BLOCKCHAIN - We have an excellent platform to develop traceability systems for meat, wool, wood, coffee, milk, grains, fruits and everything that comes from the agri-food industry, ensuring and demonstrating environmental sustainability and a neutral carbon footprint.


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