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We can manage complex financial operations as to help with specific needs for establishing:

- International Banking

- Corresponding Banking

Our project management division will guide you through the process and ensure a successful implementation.

Contact as at 786-688-8938 or



One of our flagship projects, we are implementing a long term sustainable telemedicine solution for the shortage of doctors and the health crisis in Puerto Rico.  An affordable solution for patients and health care professionals, including tele-consult and monitoring solutions.


We are working with a team of doctors in Florida to provide monitoring solutions to small and medium practices and bring this technology to patients that might not have access to Health Care.  


A project developed with ECSFIN, where by using powerful data integrators, all grey areas within a complex health care organization can be covered.  This includes, Medical Records, Coding, Billing, Accounting, Integration with external entities including banks, governmental entities among others.

Impact of Information Data Integrators in the US Correctional Health Care System 

A project for ECS Financials to develop data integrators for the correctional health system.  The project earned the best captone presentation award in Seton Hall University.


We are working with important partners in Latin America to facilitate test administration and vaccine distirbution for the erradication of this virus. 

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